Friday, November 17, 2017

Q Anon Is Jesus!...

Here’s a good example of the monotheistic mind set.

Geeks on the Internet are fed vague prophecies of a major, future happening and spend countless hours deciphering the cryptic clues in eager expectation of the big reveal. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Sound familiar?

It’s been 2,000 years since Jesus Christ rode a cloud into outerspace with his followers declaring his imminent return.

2,000 years.

The Q Anon even assures a division between good and bad, encouraging the faithful to hold to the true and righteous path.

Q speaks of forces of good and evil behind the scenes who are at war with each other, with the struggle between the two impacting the “seen” world of the average Joe.

Sound familiar?

There are other parallels that are a instructive, but you get the point.

2,000 years since Jesus rode a cloud into outerspace. Christians still waiting. Still reading the bible in a sad attempt to decipher the clues.

But as I’ve said before, the life, death and purported resurrection of God incarnate had zero impact on the life of mankind.

Isn’t that, odd?

We are born, eat, sh*t, F*ck, sleep and die exactly the same way we did before Jesus Christ.

And so it is with Q Anon. There is no big reveal. There is no “happening” that will astound and amaze and shake the pillars of the heavens.

Tomorrow and everyday after, you will watch the sun go up and then see it go down. You will grow older and one of those days you will die. And the day after that the sun will go back up and then back down, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc -ad infinitum.

Stop waiting for someone to save you. Man up. Live your life.

Always trust your instinct. Never regret a gut reaction. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all you got.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nobody Is Outraged...

I’m not outraged by all the allegations of sexual harassment being reported by corporate media.

No one I know gives a shit either.

Nobody cares.

Granted, I don’t follow news media at all, or much of any media, period. And yet those I know who do could care less about that which the ass-clowns known as journalists are shrieking about.

Most people are offended and outraged about pulling down statues, transvestites holding public office and the attempt to normalize homosexuality.

In fact normal people are more repulsed and offended by journalists than they are by so called neo-nazis.


Truth As Deep State? (in reply to a friend IV)...

Yeah, yeah I got blunt on the last post. Sometimes it takes that to cut through the BS and save time.

As to your other points.

Was Jesus truth personified?


And here is how you know that    - truth is not something that requires being taught.

Facts do. Truth, as you defined it, does not.

We act and react by instinct. We aren’t taught truth, we intuit it. As I’ve told you before, if the one-god were self-evidently true then we would instinctively know it and all about him. But we don’t. We have to be taught and instructed about that which it’s proponents claim to be self-evidently true.

The one-god ALWAYS speaks with the mouth of man. Always -through books, letters, sermons, presentations and so on. The one-god is incapable of speaking with his own mouth, which would STRONGLY imply that he ain’t there.

My “problem” with Greek Philosophy is that it is nothing more than a rhetorical circle jerk.

Truth or facts are reacted towards, instinctively. Once you stop to ponder them you are simply thinking of ways to manipulate them, which means it’s no longer an instinctual reaction, which means you will be bogged down in bullshit. Philosophy is a luxury of decadence. It’s also an excuse to submit to exploitation because we act and react by instinct and so to suppress acting on  instinct is to be domesticated. Not a natural state.

Moving on, quickly,

Nature testifies against the one-god because nature is made up of forces at war with each other.
Tree tries to grow, wind knock it down. Forest grows up, lightning sparks fire and burns it down. Rain floods valleys. Rivers dry up, life in them dies. Snow kill fruitful orchards, etc, etc, etc.

If there is a single entity behind the world, then it hate’s itself.

And about death and resurrection,

My friend, death is natural. It’s part of life.  All things die. Thus death is good, because it is natural. Rising from the dead is unnatural and therefore bad. If Jesus rose from the dead then it was an unnatural, perverted act.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Christians Not Welcome...

I’ve gone through this before, many times in many places, but I’ll recap for some people.

This is a thumbnail as I don’t have time now for anything else.

You cannot be a christian and defend European peoples, be they in Europe or her colonies -aka, White people.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism: the same insidious thing. Absolutely no difference between them.

Christianity, a mix of three of the worst elements of antiquity -Roman politics, Greek Philosophy and Oriental Monotheism- is inherently degrading.

It’s degrading and demoralizing because at the center of Christianity is Jesus.

Pay attention,

Jesus was a coward who sh*t his pants and went to his death like a neutered fu*king puppy.

And a god, or man, who allows himself to be beaten and crucified is not worthy of honor.

Another thing, Christianity portrays Jesus as the groom and his followers as the bride. The bible uses imagery of a wedding as the “consummation” of the ages.

Do you understand that?

Christian men are now women. They are brides to Jesus. Jesus comes back to rescue them like a damsel in distress and then marries them and then butt f*cks them for all eternity.

So maybe that explains the rise of transgenderism. It’s the outward expression of the spirit of Christ.

So yes, Christianity is spiritual sodomy and cross-dressing.

Finally, monotheism was created by merchants as monotheism is an outgrowth of centralized economic culture.

You’ll notice that monotheism could never take root in societies that didn’t have developed economies.

No money, no one-god.

The one-god has never been embraced by peoples with hunter/gatherer or non regulated trade-based systems.

It is only when money -supply and demand style regulated economies are imposed on a people that they then become “open” to the one-god hypothesis.

More to follow when I have time.


Saturday, November 11, 2017


You know the overlords are messing with the peasants when they threaten retribution for offensive comments, terms or words, while simultaneously creating and blasting the most crude, vile, offensive content imaginable via tv, movies, music, billboards, etc...

Pop culture is grotesque. It always has been, but it keeps getting worse and more ludicrous.

And regulators, officials, artists, writers and producers of this crap, who legitimize it, turn right around and act offended at what they term as offensive, which are things no one is actually offended at, using the might is right power of the state to back them up.

That is a form of psychological torture.

The only poetic justice is that they are using this technique to cannibalize themselves, at the moment.


Friday, November 10, 2017

In Reply To A Friend III...

If there were no humans to hear God’s voice, would he still speak? 

See that’s the real problem.

God reveals himself........through things humans observe. According to you.

Thus God has no agency absent man.

God cannot reveal (read articulate/express) himself without man there to observe it.

God speaks via men -either through them or by them observing his characteristics. Thus God is powerless to speak on his own. Which contradicts your own definition of God.

And I’ve already addressed this, “why is there something instead of nothing” argument.

Pointing to the material world as evidence for a non-material entity is a contradiction in terms.

You need supernatural evidence for the existence of a supernatural thing. Good luck with that!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maybe He Was Napoleon!...

In the old days if your neighbor suddenly began dressing up in 18 century French military garb and claimed he was Napoleon it was widely held that he was insane and he would be carted off by the men in white coats.

But today a man can begin dressing in women’s clothes and proclaim himself a woman and everybody goes along with it.

Granted, if you don’t go along with it you can be persecuted and prosecuted, but still.

So this begs the question: If some 30 year old dude in Idaho suddenly claims he’s Elvis Presley, does he get access to the King’s bank account?

Of if some guy in 2017 France claims he’s Charlemagne, is he? Are we allowed to say he’s not Charlemagne? Or would that be intolerant?

The really bizarre part of all this is that the liberal elite don’t believe that men can become women or in same sex marriage or any of the other insane crap they shovel.

They’re just using it to attack and dislodge the declining White majority. Once that’s achieved they’ll turn positively puritanical on sexual morality issues and re-establish laws that would be considered harsh by even the standards of Jonathan Edwards.

So it’s truly tragic to see how the crazies are being paraded around as king for a day, while the conservatives are bending over backwards to accommodate a paradigm that everybody, including the Marxists who promote it, know is crazy and indefensible.