Monday, February 19, 2018

How You Know The One-God Is False...

Let’s compare Gravity to the one-god.

The reality of gravity is recognized in the absence of temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

The reality of the one-god, on the other hand, requires temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

You find very few apologists engaging in debates about the existence of gravity.

But with the one-god, an unending stream of apologists and debates are required, generation after generation, to proclaim and defend what its adherents ultimately assert is self-evidently true.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Understanding The Plan pt. II...

Trump fans are claiming that the the most recent indictments are vindication of Trump.

The Powers That Be are not operating in that sort of paradigm.

Back in 2001, immediately after the twin towers fell, vice President Dick Cheney was asked if Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the events.

Cheney answered in a firm and absolute no almost before the question got past the lips of the interviewer. Afghanistan was the immediate target.

A year later a large portion of the public was suddenly under the firm impression that Saddam and Iraq were (in some way) behind the attacks of 911 and therefore supported the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

First no.
Then yes. Or at least, maybe.

This is a classic tactic. You deny it at first so that you can be all shocked and “saddened” later when the evidence forces you to affirm.

This way it looks less like a planned agenda. And it works.

There were no Americans named in the 13 indictments.

But how much you wanna bet a month or two from now Americans WILL be indicted for interfering in the elections?

Hey, it’s just where the ongoing investigation led.

And if you cast a large enough net you can catch anybody. Six degrees of separation sort of thing.

But what about Nunes and the memos and OIG report?


the RINO’s want Trump out.

The memo’s and the OIG are meant to embarrass the Democrats for the mid terms and bargain the Deep State back over to the other side of the aisle. Nothing more.

The GOP sees the opportunity as follows: the bad ol’ democrats take down Trump, legally. But hey, he made his own bed so boo hoo. But the good ol’ republicans take the lefties to the woodshed on their misuse of the FBI and State Department.


Democrats sidelined for an election cycle.
Trump removed from the Whitehouse.
GOP RINOs reign victoriously.

This is why Trey Gowdy said the memo had nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation.
It doesn’t.

The GOP -Nunes, Grassley, Graham, Gowdey, Sessions- are downright giddy at the prospects of the dems taking down Trump via Mueller.

What Nunes, Grassley, Sessions et al are working on, is the breaking down of the Democrat-dominated FBI and State Department.

If all goes well, Trump will be impeached and the FBI (and Deep State) will become exclusive tools of the GOP at right around the same time period.

There is no investigation.

There is a coup in progress.

The investigation is theater to justify the coup.

All the GOP are doing it trying to leverage their own position for the aftermath.

Could the coup fail?


But the above scenario appears to be the plan in progress.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

“We” Hold These truths...But Who Is “We”?

Freemasonic egalitarian ideas are so “self evidently” true that secret societies had to be formed to perpetuate them.

And then they organized and financed violent mobs to overthrow and murder the monarchs and priests by conspiring in secret and operating from the darkest of shadows.

Then they used an endless stream of propaganda to cover up/excuse their crimes.

Not to mention that “we” now tolerate open borders, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism and god knows what’s next, via judicial judges that were appointed, not elected.

Self-evident my ass.

It’s been less than 250 years since the American and French Revolutions and the enshrinement of freedom and equality by “we”.

"We" are called the Deep State today.


take a good long look around you and ask yourself if the rest of us share in the victory of this revolution, or if we are its victims.


Friday, February 16, 2018

So If I Understand The Plan...

According to the Qanon world of interpretative dialectics the grand plan unfolds as follows,

Trump gets indicted, or at least implicated by Mueller and is either impeached or, more likely, allowed to step down -thereby discrediting his supporters too.


the democrats will get theirs and be greatly embarrassed by the whole Fusion/FBI controversy,

which will, in turn, enable the RINO’s to sweep the midterms again in 2018

and pave the way for...

 a president Lindsey Graham in 2020.

That about it?

Helluva plan.

Enjoy the theater folks.


‘We Want Out’...

How’s that for a campaign slogan for 2018?

They want in? Fine. We want out.

Seriously, the writing is on the wall for Murica.

Stop DACA? Build the wall?

The population is already 330 million, officially. Unofficially it’s closer to 360 million and rapidly on its way to 450 - 500 million. -over 100 million were added in just the past 25 years-

Whites  went from around 90% of the population in 1965 to around 50% of the population today, maybe less.

Yeah, I know, officially Whites are around 62%, but the census counts tens of millions of hispanics and middle-easterners as “white”.

So yes, we are around 50%, probably less. And as a large chunk of that are elderly boomers and as Whites would rather have “nice things” than to have big families, the White population in Murica is set to crash to around 30% in the next few decades.

And this in the context of Whites only accounting to 8% of the total world population.

Again, stopping DACA and building the wall will not achieve jack-squat as the orcs already outnumber us in general population plus controlling the courts, media, law enforcement, military and so on.

For god’s sake, almost half of congress are now dual citizens.

Trump was fun to watch. It was fun to see the “strong independent women” collapsing into tears at his victory.

But the reality is Trump has not done (and will not do) anything different than Obama or Bush before him.

Remember, Trump believes in the multi-racial McBabaylonian gay-disco that is America. He just wants it to have better trade deals.

So, back to the intro,


The best and only possible course is to dissolve the US, as peacefully as possible.

If all parties don’t agree to that, then a great many of us would simply like to leave.

We don’t share America’s liberal socio-political hedonistic worldview on morals, ethics, governmental structuring, law, family, social mores and so on.

We want out.

We are leaving.

Yeah, I know. It’s like getting Lot to leave Sodom.

Still, it’s about the only option left.

Fleeing to “the country” won’t work anymore as the tens of millions more orcs that are coming (or the offspring of the ones already here) will quickly fill up every nook and cranny from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Two options: stay or leave. Form a separate nation and defend it, or stay and wait for the orcs to slaughter us.

It's gonna get even uglier either way


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Legalism is not strictly adhering to a set of laws, principles, ethics or standards and the application thereof.

Legalism is the practice of scouring primary sources to find loop holes to justify doing something you shouldn’t.

See, it’s obvious.

This is how the post-revolutionaries took words and concepts and 180'd them to mean the exact opposite of what they meant.

This is what we're dealing with.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Muh Freedumz! Muh Independentse!”...

How many TV networks do you own?

How many publishing houses?

How many global record labels?

When was the last time you hosted a show on CNN or Fox?

Why have you never had a top 40 hit song?

Why is your gas not $15.00 a gallon?

Why do you “go where the work is?”

Aren’t you glad we have socialism so companies are forced by the government to pay you more than a dollar a day?

Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy that food that is arranged and placed for you at conveniently located stores.

Speaking of which, aren’t you glad Big Brother regulates those stores to make sure their “food” is fresh and easy to reach?

Can you construct an iphone?

Can you build and operate your own high-speed Internet signals?

Can you build a car engine from raw steel?

Can you construct anything without having to buy some pre-made parts?

Aren’t you glad the State regulates hospitals, water, roads, bridges, electricity, housing, etc.


tell me about how you've worked hard for all that you have.

Tell me about freedom and independence, little mouse.

Or just cheer "USA, USA, USA"